Upgrade Windows 10 Free in Simple 6 Steps – 2018

Upgrade Windows 10 Free in Simple 6 Steps – 2018
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In this tutorial, I’ll show you How to Upgrade Windows 10 Free in Simple 6 Steps. This is the latest and easiest method you can find on the web. All you have to do is follow the steps written below and you can easily Upgrade Windows 10 Free.

Upgrade Windows 10 Free

How To Upgrade Windows 10 Free in Simple 6 Steps:

Heed the instructions below in order to upgrade your Windows 10 for Free. Now we all know that in November of 2017 Microsoft shut down it’s free Windows 10 upgrade program.

That’s was really a bump, but not to worry, it seems you can still upgrade older versions of Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 to Windows 10. However, you have to work a bit to do so.

Windows 10 free upgrade:

Now before we start, you need to have an active copy of Windows 8 or 8.1. Because you’ll the Product Key to register the Windows 10. If your Windows is registered and you don’t have to product key, no need to worry a bit. Use tools like NirSoft’s ProduKey and you will get your Key.

  • Make sure that you have backup all your personal data and files. Before we proceed.
  • Create a Windows 10 installer by going here. Now the trick is to confuse the Installer by telling it you are installing Windows 10 on a new PC.
  • Insert your Media device, a USB or DVD. Press F2 -> boot priority order -> Select your Media and Press Enter.
  • Reboot your computer one more time.
  • When your PC boots up, you’ll be asked to enter the Product Key. Enter your Key and Press enter.
  • That will be all, now follow the on-screen instructions and you will Upgrade Windows 10 Free.

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